Personalized Jewish DatingThe Effective Way to Meet Your Match

Personalized Jewish DatingThe Effective Way to Meet Your Match

Find Your Match the Efficient Way

The MatchMakerHub matchmaking process is created to make your Jewish dating process as simple, quick and personalized as possible.
Through our system, thousands of Jewish singles from different cultures, locations, ages & interests have found their match & we want to help you too.

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The Personal Touch of Expert Matchmakers

MatchMakerHub Matchmakers search, select & send matches, thereby creating an easy & efficient dating experience.

Each Jewish matchmaker gets to know you & your dating needs, & is available to give support throughout.

Thousands of members are now married using

our personalized approach to online Jewish dating

The MatchMakerHub unique Jewish matchmaking process has helped thousands of Jewish singles of all ages & backgrounds to find their match

MatchMakerHub brings people together with the help of a group of well positioned professionals at well known outreach organizations

Whether you are new to the Jewish dating process, a single parent, widowed or divorced - we are here to help you find your match.

Events: Jewish Singles Getting To Know Each Other

In addition to matching people online, we run a number of Jewish dating events.

The combination of having an in-event matchmaker & .matchmaker follow up post event has led to many engagements!

Our various events include Shabbat meals hosted in different communities, wine tastings, lectures and game nights. We also run Meet-The-Matchmaker events enabling our members to meet the matchmakers.  This helps the matchmakers to get to know the members in a more in-depth way.

Hundreds of young professionals gather for our weekend events also. Singles enjoy each other’s company at the beautiful camp setting They benefit for the great facilities, getting to know each other on the lake, and much deserved relaxation!

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Serving The Community with The Help of Our Friends

MatchMakerHub is a group of well positioned professionals at well known outreach organizations and communities throughout North America who partner to form a national team of dating coaches and professionals to assist young Jewish singles dating for marriage to build lasting Jewish homes.

MatchMakerHub is in partnership with of Boston. JPulse is a local, independent, grass-roots, not-for profit committed to “rocking out” both on and off campus. They combine international adventures and local Shabbat dinners and events. 

JPULSE is Jewish People Uniting to Learn, Share, and Explore.