What is Matchmaker Hub?

We’re going big while keeping it local. Matchmaker Hub is a group of well positioned professionals at well known outreach organizations and communities throughout North America who partner to form a national team of dating coaches and professionals to assist young Jewish singles dating for marriage to build lasting Jewish homes.

More than 40,000 active singles in our database are only as good as the matchmakers who connect them. Our matchmakers strive to take the time to get to meet and to know our people personally and help them navigate the dating process more effectively.

Matchmaker Hub is an online dating service where local Jewish matchmakers, with the help of Advanced Computer Algorithms, assist Jewish singles of all backgrounds and observance levels with finding love.

It’s a human touch with a computer aid!


What makes Matchmaker Hub different?

Unlike most online dating sites where you fill out a profile and then browse through endless photos and profiles, Matchmaker Hub pairs you with professional and experienced Jewish matchmakers who interview you, then personally screen, select and send quality matches. It’s confidential, yet completely personalized. It’s time for dating to get personal again!

Why Matchmaking?

The formula has been proven time and again. When it comes to relationships, it’s all about who you know.

Our matchmakers are the best people to know in order to find your match!

Our network of community partners ensure the best quality members join our service.

Why Matchmaker Hub?

Part of a larger online matchmaking network, Matchmaker Hub delivers:

  • Dedicated and experienced matchmakers who care about you
  • Confidentiality
  • Less wasted time because we search for you
  • Through our community partners, we know lots of people in your State who are interested in you