How It Works?

  • When you become a MatchMakerHub member, you will simply fill out a profile that includes information about you, your lifestyle, interests, references, religious background, etc., as well as criteria you are looking for in another person.
  • Our dedicated MatchMakerHub matchmakers will then get to know you better through emails as well as a phone consultation.
  • Privacy is maintained as there is no browsing of other members' profiles. Your personal matchmaker searches the database for compatible matches and sends those profiles for your review.  Your matchmaker will only show your profile and picture to potential suggestions.
  • Members can then “accept” or “decline” a potential match through the online MatchMakerHub system. All responses are kept confidential, only accessible to our expert matchmakers & respective singles.  Member have up to 10 days to respond to match ideas.
  • When two members express interest in each other, MatchMakerHub then forwards the contact information to each side so that they can arrange a conversation and plan their date. We recommend that the man should contact the woman within three (3) days of receiving the information.
  • If desired, a member can update her/his status in the system to easily keep the matchmaker informed with the progress of their relationship (i.e. “spoke on phone”, “went on first date”, “dating exclusively”, “engaged”). They can (and should) select “unavailable” when involved with someone else.
  • Our expert and dedicated matchmakers are here for you. They will continue to screen, select and send matches, and give advice (when requested) during the dating process. Members decide who they want to date and to what extent you would like a matchmaker’s involvement at various stages of the dating process.

  Why go it alone when you can have a personal matchmaker?

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